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About Wild Mint Apothecary & Herbalist Shanna

Wild Mint Apothecary is an indigenous-owned herbal apothecary consisting of skincare and wellness offerings, such as flower essences, herbal infused salves, and medicinal syrups. Wild Mint Apothecary product offerings are clean, sustainable, and curated with a deep herbal understanding. They include ingredients that are ethically grown, high-quality, toxin-free, and good for the environment! 
Shanna Poveda is the herbalist and grower behind Wild Mint Apothecary. Shanna has a love of homesteading, sustainability, and holistic healing. She is passionate about land access, food sovereignty, food justice, and equity within growing and farming. Shanna makes products with these social justice issues in mind and infuses each product with her love of Land and Spirit.